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Matki-Earthen Pot Solar Water Purification

Combining Indian Tradition With Renewable Energy

Providing Clean Drinking Water At Any Place By Using Renewable Resources But How?

Solar Water Purification With Contactless Water Dispensing System For Earthen Pots/Metal Potsr

  • Water Purification:
    • Primary filtration: BLUTOMER cartridges(Patented technology) 60 layers of Polyamide Membrane with activated carbon
    • Secondary filtration: ULTRA FILTRATION (UF) An ultra filtration has a pore size around 0.01 micron and most of them used to remove bacteria, virus, protozoa…
  • Earthen pots will add minerals to water
    • WATER COOLING: Cool water is provided by use of earthen pots, an old tradition which is followed from centuries in India and Asian countries
    • SOLAR ENERGY: Use to pump water through purification systems and to provide contactless water dispensing system
    • RECHARGABLE BATTERIES: Use to dispense 150 glasses of water at night.


  • One of the oldest Indian traditions adopted in every summer to have cool drinking water at home and public places. Our Indians are well known about the benefits of taking water from it and to have “COOL-HEALTHY WATER” at zero cost, which is lot more than packaged drinking water, RO-Refrigerators and Medications.
  • But in recent years, it is rare to find these public water supply at busy centers / schools / Government offices / PHCs or under the huge trees due to assumption of having unsafe drinking water by dipping strangers hands into the pot while taking water from it. And at present pandemic situation these are not even visible due to fear of more contamination.
  • So we came up with simple solution to dispense HEALTHY WATER from the earthen pots without using hands, by using solar energy and to have “Contactless- Public heath care/water supply” Features: