Blutomer Series Patented Design

Instant Water Purification System 3 stage water purification system Microporous membrane technology with silverized activated carbon

Designed to fit for all beverages / cool drink bottles from small to large

  • Very compact and highly efficient
  • Remove water borne microbes and reduces turbidity
  • Remove dirt and harmful chemicals
  • Self bacteriostatic – avoid inbuilt bacterial growth
  • Non toxic-no added chemicals / designed as mechanical filter
  • Easy to fit, use and clean

Blutomer Lite

Blutomer Heavy

Blutomer Heavy

Blutomer Heavy Plus
Blutomer Heavy Plus

Each pack is provided with 2 cartridges
Fit for all flip cap water bottles

Blutomer Heavy Plus
Blutomer Lite Plus

How to use and where?


Specially designed and made for 100% removal / killing of microbes in water with removal of dirt and turbidity.

Best suitable for refugees/ floods/ earthquakes and other natural catastrophes /wars where rapid spread of diseases takes place by use of water or rains.

Also use during travelling and helps in remote village people