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About Clevinno

CLEVINNO (Clever Innovations) is an Indian Startup, works on providing safe drinking water by using renewable resources. It also work for better environmental policies and promote sustainable resources

A Cause For The People

The idea to providing safe drinking water was initiated by seeing the problems of remote villages /tribal areas, how they are easily prone to water borne diseases with lac of proper clean water. There we started research on providing safe drinking water at low cost and brought BLUTOMER in the year 2014-16. But it doesn't meet the requirement for large communities.

So we focused on renewable resources to provide safe drinking water at any place and low cost. this triggered us to provide water at hard disasters /pandemic times.

During our journey we had helped thousand of people at remote areas/ tribal's/ coastal by providing safe drinking water by using our specially designed equipments

Clevinno Water Foundation

  • It work for “UN SDG-6” (Sustainable Development Goal-6) - “Clean water and Sanitation”
  • Developed various products like from “BLUTOMER series” to “Clean Water from Clean Energy”( Provides clean water by using Renewable resources like Sun, Rain Water, Water from Air( AWG).
  • The organization also work at Disaster Management situation like at cyclones /floods. One of our product “ Blutomer had helped during TITLI Cyclone , providing clean water by using flooded water.
  • We are owning PRODUCT PATENTS AND DESIGN PATENTS too on our innovations, with REGISTERED TRADE MARKS on final Products.
  • We work for an Impact but not for Profits, it's a team work by somany students and people from informal sector
  • CLEVINNO had got so many recognitions and awards like biggest award “NCSI-2019” nominated by National Innovation Foundation, Tata Institute of Social Science and PIC, other CSR representatives from 35+ MNC'S.
  • CLEVINNO is also recognized by Print and Electronic media, had given special programs on TV and full page articles in News Papers.

During hard time in the year 2020 “COVID Pandemic “ he designed a low cost, simple and effective system to have safe water for drinking and portable hand washing stations which was recognized and appreciated by Government of India. It had helped many tribal people for having good sanitation beyond Covid-19 For this innovation he was honoured with a title “JALRAKSHAK” by Ministry if Jal Sakthi, Department of water resource, Government of India

Just show us water, we will make it into clean water !