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Our CLEVINNO (Clever Innovations) was initiated by seeing the issues/ problems at remote areas especially health care (drinking water and sanitation).

So we started our research on how to provide safe drinking water. After vigorous studies, we found a simple solution in providing clean drinking water by using newly designed product( patented) BLUTOMER.

In the year 2014, started designing and developed world's smallest water purifier - BLUTOMER and launched it in the 2016 for better customer need.

Clean Water from Clean Energy at Remote & Coastal Villages

Further our research was continued in different areas to provide safe drinking water at any place and at any time. There we had made special designed equipments (PATENTED) providing safe water by using renewable energy.

Clean Water at Disaster Management

What made us to provide safe drinking water at Disasters?

During our journey we had innovated different equipments in providing safe drinking water and electricity, all these innovations are PANTENTED PRODUCTS